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Peter Norris
Peter Norris began his venture in 1976 with his first design company P&G Plant Company out of Oregon. In 1980 he established his first nursery in Florida growing tropical plants and was very successful doing so for over 18 years. During that time, P&G Plant Company established a 30 acre Greenhouse/Nursery operation, which specialized in perennials and annuals production. In 2000, Peter opened Peter Norris Home & Garden, where he designed interior and exterior furniture and accessories, including many large scale garden elements that were produced all over the world. Peter has been fortunate to work up and down the west coast on both commercial and residential projects and enjoys creating successful landscapes and gardens that continue to flourish and ultimately bring joy to our clients. 
Peter in his spare time has an ongoing love of architecture, gardens, interiors and nature and how all of these elements come together in our environment. When he isn't at home spending time with his wife Elise and their fur-babies, it wouldn't be unusual to find him out riding his bike around exploring your neighborhood. Since his childhood as a sea scout Peter has had a long lasting passion for the water and boating in the Pacific Northwest.
Elise Norris
Vice President and Creative Director of Folia Horticultural + Design, Elise Norris has a long and varied design history with a love of horticulture and formal gardens and a natural flair for floral design. Elise studied graphic and interior arts at The Florence Institute of design and brings her extraordinary eye for beautiful design as well as an ability to translate onto paper realistic stunning designs, as well as life-like visual concepts through renderings and 3D models of interior and exterior surroundings. Elise's ability to make the most of every second keeps our company running smoothly, as she has many roles at Folia Horticultural + Design from marketing to creative web & graphic design, and enjoys being involved in the everyday details of the design process including planning, project procurement and management of our day to day operations.

Elise lives and works in Seattle with her family & furbabies and in her spare time enjoys boating, gardening, landscape photography, biking & exploring the Pacific Northwest, video editing/motion graphics, CGI animation, CAD design, and mastering new computer software design programs.
Trond H.
Trond is our sourcing extraordinaire. In charge of procurement of old & new elements and product that is functional and non functional...items that can be
incorporated into the garden and outdoor living environments. When it comes to adding pieces or elements that are exceptional or unique he's the guy to find that. Trond spent the first half of his life living throughout Europe and then later traveled extensively through Asia and India and brings an incredible eye and vast
knowledge base of products from all over the world. He prides himself on finding fun and interesting, yet affordable pieces for the garden and outdoor spaces
and brings with him an understanding of the culture & craftsmanship that are indicative in each and every country.

Our biggest challenge is to keep him here at home, rather than globe trotting around all the time.

call or email for a free consultation: (206) 216 2811

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